Our Features

All­-in­-one College and School Management Software

Simplified and Innovative 21st Century Complete College/School Automation Solution with Insightful reports and analysis.

On-Desk Payment Terminal

Manage and collect all students fees payments with ease, whether online or offline without internet connectivity restrictions and coverages. Process card based and cardless payments easily on-site.

E-learning InBuilt System

Have Access to Virtual Science Laboratory (Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Geography Etc) and educational Games like Chess, Scrabble, Spelling Bees etc. Two or more student can remotely play Educational games as though they are together from the school Portal.

Child Safety System

CSS is a child pick up system that gaurantees the security of pupils/students at the close of school. Access to pick up students are strictly for parents and those approved by the parents on our system are allowed to pick up pupils/students from the school. Parents get instant notification from our system that their ward has left the school premises, this helps to boost the security system of the school.

Assessment/Report Sheet Generator

computerized assessment collations and grading system for school wide result formulation and grading. Remote grading system for tutor and electronic report sheet generation for parents preview/download. Track all term and session results for any students, free data backup/storage for as long as the school wants ensuring maximum data integrity and availability.

Simple, Powerful & Affordable School Management System

Cloudnotte makes it easy to establish solid relationships between students, teachers, parents and school admininstration.