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Cloudnotte helps you get the best out of your school, Teachers and Students/Parents.

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Mrs Ugochukwu Charity, Jarspok International School, Nigeria

Mrs Ugochukwu Charity, Jarspok International School, Nigeria

Our online reporting system that is powered by Cloudnotte allows us to customize report templates, ensuring that the information provided aligns with our specific needs and curriculum. This flexibility is valuable for unique educational requirements. Cloudnotte provides us with invaluable tools for data analysis, allowing us to identify student trend and areas of improvement. Jaspork as a real school, providing onward knowledge for both students parents and the society at large is technology driven, and as a result of that, we found Cloudnotte to be quite interesting. So I recommend Cloudnotte for schools.

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Cloudnotte helps you get the best out of your school, Teachers and Students/Parents with our amazing key features which include

Track and monitor kids academic activities from one account.

Managing all your student academic record has not been that easy from one App. CloudNotte allows parents and school owners to track and monitor their kids academic performance using one account and gain insightful data about child's academic performance in school on the App.

Cloudnotte Website builder

Introducing Cloudnotte Website builder; Take your school online with ease and get seen by your prospective customers.

We Make Building School Websites As Easy As ABC!

Welcome to the future of school website building. Create beautiful, easy-to-use websites with ease and take your school's online presence to new levels. Whether you're a prominent academy or a tiny primary school, our website builder is designed to satisfy the particular requirements of learning environments.

Child Pick-up Safety App

No more cases of missing children/wards or security concerns from parents. Track your students pick-up and drop-off in real-time

Ensure your students' safety

Cloudnotte’s child pickup safety technology works by using a combination of QR codes, biometric verification, and GPS tracking. When a parent or guardian arrives at the school to pick up a child, they scan a QR code generated by the app on their phone. The authorized pickup staff then verifies their identity using facial recognition. Once verified, the child is notified that their pickup is ready. The system also tracks the location of the child and the pickup person until they reach the child’s home.

Automated ReportSheet


Computerized assessment collations and grading system for school wide result formulation and grading. Remote grading system for tutor and electronic report sheet generation for parents preview/download. Track all term and session results for any students.

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Computer Based Test Exam


Easily self host and manage electronic exams in your school at a click of a button with Artificial intelligence to avoid malpractice. Students can take exams anywhere in the world with realtime result syncing without any stress and gives schools opportunity to

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Create and receive fee payments, send invoice to parents, and keep track of all your students fees, without the stress of paper work and balancing sheets.

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Online Admission (School Search Engine)

Digitalized Lesson Notes

Our Modules

A variety of great modules to make your life easier

  • User Management

    User Management image

    Manage your school users, add and remove students, staff, and parents. Get visual analytics of your school growth and other activities.

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  • Virtual Classroom

    Virtual Classroom image

    Experience the future of collaborative learning with our Virtual Classroom, where students and teachers come together in a dynamic online environment, aiding interactive engagement, knowledge sharing, and transformative educational experiences.

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  • Homework/Assignment

    Homework/Assignment image

    Improve collaborative learning with Homework/Assignment, helping students to engage, collaborate, and excel together on assignments, creating a dynamic and inclusive educational experience.

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  • Classroom management

    Classroom management image

    Our Classroom Management solution empowers school owners with a comprehensive platform to efficiently organize, monitor, and optimize classroom activities, creating a productive learning environment and enhancing student outcomes.

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  • Timetable

    Timetable image

    Simplify and optimize the scheduling process for educators, ensuring efficient allocation of resources, minimizing conflicts, and creating a balanced and effective daily schedule for students and teachers.

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  • Child Pickup

    Child Pickup image

    Ensure child security and peace of mind with Cloudnotte, offering schools a comprehensive solution to efficiently manage and monitor student pickups, prioritizing the safety and well-being of every child.

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  • Attendance

    Attendance image

    Simplify attendance tracking and improve student and staff accountability, enabling efficient monitoring, accurate reporting, and streamlined communication between educators, parents, and students.

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  • Real-Time Messaging

    Real-Time Messaging image

    Simplify and enhance communication in your school that seamlessly integrates WhatsApp, text messages, in-app notifications, and emails, ensuring efficient and effective communication channels for administrators, teachers, parents, and students.

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  • AI Lab

    AI Lab image

    Take advantage of AI technology to improve productivity, ease administrative tasks, and provide personalized support for students, teachers, and staff.

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  • Settings/Customization

    Settings/Customization image

    You can Customize cloudnotte to fit into your school patterns, just the way you want it.

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Ugochukwu Charity

School Administrator


Oguna Emeka

School Administrator




ultimate solution for online reporting

Technology has been embraced at Jaspork, a real school dedicated to increasing education for students, parents, and society. Thanks to Cloudnotte, we have an online reporting system with easily customisable report formats that match our curriculum and unique educational requirements. When it comes to meeting special needs, this flexibility is crucial.

We can spot student patterns and areas for growth thanks to Cloudnotte's data analysis tools. I heartily suggest Cloudnotte to other schools based on our wonderful experience.

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