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Mrs Ugochukwu Charity

Our online reporting system that is powered by Cloudnotte allows us to customize report templates, ensuring that the information provided aligns with our specific needs and curriculum. This flexibility is valuable for unique educational requirements. Cloudnotte provides us with invaluable tools for data analysis, allowing us to identify student trend and areas of improvement.

the challenge

The reporting methods at Jarspok School were rigid, making it difficult for them to customise reports to meet their unique requirements and also analyse reportsheet data.

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    Individual systems continued to seperate information, making it more difficult to see student development and academic success comprehensively

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    Staff had to spend a lot of time and resources managing different systems, which resulted in inefficiencies.

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    Parents, students, and teachers were unable to communicate with one another because of the separated structure of the systems.

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    It was challenging to keep an eye on student patterns and pinpoint areas in need of development due to the absence of integrated online reporting and analytics.

solution with cloudnotte

Jarspok School found Cloudnotte, through a thorough evaluation and research process that involved online searches and reviews from other schools.

  • Automated Report-sheet


    Customise report-sheet templates to easily fit into a certain curriculum or teaching methodology.


    Jaspork was able to customise their report-sheet templates with Cloudnotte.

  • Classroom Management


    Manage your classroom and get valuable insights from classroom data to identify trends, strengths, and areas needing improvement.


    Classroom management module allowed Jaspork to get valuable insights from classroom data.

  • Communication


    Promote collaboration and aid communication between students, teachers and the school management


    Using Cloudnotte communication module, Jarspok was able to improve communication in the school

The Outcome

By using Cloudnotte, Jarspok School successfully addresses his challenges as a busy school owner, streamlines operations, drives growth, and efficiently manages finances.

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    Jaspork can now generate customized reports that accurately reflect their curriculum and provide valuable insights to parents, teachers, and administrators.

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    Cloudnotte's analytics tools empower Jaspork to identify student trends and learning patterns, allowing them to tailor their educational approach to individual student needs.

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    The centralized platform facilitates seamless communication and information sharing between teachers, parents, and students, fostering a collaborative learning environment.

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    Cloudnotte streamlines daily tasks and workflows, freeing up valuable time for staff to focus on student engagement and personalized instruction.

... And the ultimate outcome: A Digitized Jarspok

Jarspok School was grateful to have come across Cloudnotte. Jarspok School now has a comprehensive solution that not only eases school operations but also gives insights needed to make informed decisions that would grow the school. Cloudnotte is their trusted partner.

Just like Jarspok School you can make your school management easy and efficient. Get started with Cloudnotte today.

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Ugochukwu Charity

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ultimate solution for online reporting

Technology has been embraced at Jaspork, a real school dedicated to increasing education for students, parents, and society. Thanks to Cloudnotte, we have an online reporting system with easily customisable report formats that match our curriculum and unique educational requirements. When it comes to meeting special needs, this flexibility is crucial.

We can spot student patterns and areas for growth thanks to Cloudnotte's data analysis tools. I heartily suggest Cloudnotte to other schools based on our wonderful experience.

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