Holmac International School, Nigeria

Holmac International School

Pst. Chimezie Nwachi

Cloudnotte has really enhanced the school administratively, academically and otherwise. Before now, we do things manually, but for the past three years, we've been doing things digitally. Students can be taught through virtual means.

the challenge

Running the school really difficult and also the school was not growing as expected, there were few applicants every term.

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    The school relied on manual administrative procedures prior to finding Cloudnotte, which resulted in inefficiencies and waste of time.

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    It was difficult for the school to connect and interact with parents and potential pupils because it didn't have a strong internet presence.

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    The admissions procedure, which included manual documentation, in-person examinations, and payment processing, was very stressful and cosumed a lot of time.

solution with cloudnotte

Holmac School found Cloudnotte, by researching online.

  • User Management and Attendance Modules


    Streamline administrative tasks by digitizing processes such as student enrollment, attendance tracking, and staff management.


    Implemented the Cloudnotte Administration Module to automate administrative tasks and improve efficiency.

  • Cloudnotte Website Builder


    Create a powerful online presence by using digital marketing techniques, social media integration, and website design.


    Created and maintained a website for the School for free, integrated social media, and admission portal without haveing to get a developer for a website.

  • Admission Module


    Automate the entire admissions process, from filing the application to paying the application fee, to give candidates a smooth and convenient experience.


    Digitised the whole admissions process, including online application forms, computer-based entrance exams, and payment channels, by implementing the Cloudnotte Admission Module.

The Outcome

With Cloudnotte, Holmac School was able to speed up growth and simplifyied administrative activities, improving its online presence, and made its admission procedures easy.

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    Cloudnotte has simplified administrative tasks, reducing manual efforts and allowing staff to focus on more value-added activities.

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    With a strong online presence, the school is able to improve communication and engagement while drawing in more parents and prospective students.

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    The admissions process is now more effective and user-friendly thanks to Cloudnotte, which has made the school to grow faster and applicant satisfaction.

... And the ultimate outcome: Exponential school growth

Holmac School was grateful to have come across Cloudnotte. Holmac School now has a comprehensive solution that not only eases school operations but also gives insights needed to make informed decisions that would grow the school. Cloudnotte is their trusted partner.

Just like holmac School you can make your school management easy and efficient. Get started with Cloudnotte today.

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ultimate solution for online reporting

Technology has been embraced at Jaspork, a real school dedicated to increasing education for students, parents, and society. Thanks to Cloudnotte, we have an online reporting system with easily customisable report formats that match our curriculum and unique educational requirements. When it comes to meeting special needs, this flexibility is crucial.

We can spot student patterns and areas for growth thanks to Cloudnotte's data analysis tools. I heartily suggest Cloudnotte to other schools based on our wonderful experience.

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