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Mrs. Eberechi, Compass International School, Nigeria

I appreciate how cloudnotte has simplified grading process and made it easier for us to prepare report sheets. Now I can effortlessly record the grades of my students in a minute without spending days. The most beautiful aspect is how it incorporates the reportsheet with learning. Amazingly, this system generates a cumulative report sheet at the end of the session for each student automatically. I love this amazing technology. I would recommend cloudnotte to all schools and all private teachers anywhere. In fact, it's the best you can ever use.

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ultimate solution for online reporting

Technology has been embraced at Jaspork, a real school dedicated to increasing education for students, parents, and society. Thanks to Cloudnotte, we have an online reporting system with easily customisable report formats that match our curriculum and unique educational requirements. When it comes to meeting special needs, this flexibility is crucial.

We can spot student patterns and areas for growth thanks to Cloudnotte's data analysis tools. I heartily suggest Cloudnotte to other schools based on our wonderful experience.

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