Smart marketing strategies for school growth

Table of Content

Chapter 1 - Today’s parents: How parents research and choose schools.
Chapter 2 - Catalyst for school enrollment growth: Know why your admission funnel is leaking revenue.
Chapter 3 - Marketing strategy to boost school enrollment:How to sell your school and leverage on what makes your school unique.
Chapter 4 - What stories are you telling about your school? How you can use storytelling to grow your school.
Chapter 5 - Marketing a school digitally
Chapter 6 - Facebook strategies for schools
Chapter 7 - Instagram for schools: Best practices for engagements.
Chapter 8 - Creating a digital marketing plan.
Chapter 9 - How to use school search engine to grow your school population
Chapter 10 - Complete social media guide for schools: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter And LinkedIn


Knowing how today’s parents research and choose schools, and what information they look out for that forms the basis of their decision is a good way to start. It helps you structure the foundation of your marketing strategies.

21st century parents go online to research schools when actively choosing a school, but also to more generally gather information about a school or track its progress.

Have you ever thought about the reasons why some private schools experience enrollment growth and why others decline?

There are many factors that affect whether or not a school will grow.

Based on our experiences in working with independent schools, we have identified certain tips that contribute to enrollment growth or decline at a school.

Know why your admission funnel is leaking revenue!

Let’s Highlight some of these Tips for you.

  1. Harnessing student Motivation
  2. Storytelling As A Tool
  3. Online Properties: Online and Social Media
  4. Reducing Response Time Through Automation
  5. Dynamic Engagement Strategies
  6. Leverage Technology

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