Security and Trust

we prioritise security and trust

Customer confidence and data security is critical to everything to we do, and we are proud to exceed industry standards when it comes to protecting your institution and students.


Parents can rest assured that Cloudnotte School is a trusted, verified custodian of their children’s data. When a school enters into partnership with Cloudnotte School,


Our support staff cannot access your information unless you invite them to help. We do not sell student or school data. We also do not collect, maintain, use or share students’


We understand that in order for a cloud service to be useful, it has to be available. We ensure that our services are built upon a solid platform of core technologies,


We do not have access to your passwords as they are encrypted and never stored in our databases in an unencrypted format. You are responsible, though, for choosing a strong password

Data encryption in transit

All data that goes between you and Cloudnotte School servers is encrypted using industry-standard TLS (transport layer security), protecting your personal and financial data.

Best-in-class availability

With a record of 99.99% uptime, Cloudnotte School delivers best-in-class availability. Our infrastructure and system architecture ensures that if any component fails,

we prioritise security and trust